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Glass Door Repair

Beautiful, sleek glass doors can provide the perfect touch of elegance to any home or office space. Contact us today for a quote or to book an appointment to service your damaged glass door.

Glass Door Repair Services Singapore

As a leading provider of glass door repair services in Singapore, we have the expertise to service all types of glass doors, including frameless, bifold, sliding, swinging, and aluminum. Our experienced technicians can expertly repair frameless glass bifold doors, restore the smooth operation of slide and turn glass doors, and replace damaged components of aluminum glass doors.

We understand how crucial fully functional glass doors are for Singapore’s businesses, offices, and homes. Broken glass doors look unsightly and can lead to security issues, lack of privacy, energy losses, and disruptions to clients or customers entering your space. 

By leveraging our specialized skills and high-quality replacement parts, we can skillfully repair frameless glass bifold doors, slide and swing glass doors, and aluminum glass doors and promptly get them to look and operate like new again.

As a local Singapore company, we are familiar with common issues these doors face due to humidity, salty sea air, and regular wear-and-tear in this climate. We have worked on restoring inoperable doors, replacing cracked glass panels, fixing alignment problems in bifold systems, resolving leaks around frames, and upgrading to new high-performance glass to stand up better in our tropical environment.

Trust our experienced staff to bring your glass doors back to their original, like-new condition regardless of the system’s brand, material, or complexity. Contact us today for quotes and advice and to book an appointment to repair any issues with your frameless, sliding, swinging, or aluminum glass doors.

glass door repair

Common Glass Door Issues

  • Fogging – When interior and outdoor temperatures fluctuate, condensation may form on the glass, making it foggy. Consider argon or krypton-filled double-pane glass.
  • Drafts: Air can enter via gaps or poorly sealed doors, making things unpleasant. Install weatherstripping appropriately and repair it when worn. Simply adjusting the door’s closing mechanism can improve the seal. 
  • Glare – Glare from too much light through the glass is unpleasant. Shades, blinds, or specialty glazing or film can minimize glare.
  • Sound transfer – Glass doors don’t exclude outside noise. Consider laminated or thicker glass panes to decrease noise.
  • Lack of privacy – Transparent glass may affect privacy since it offers easy vision into the room. Patterned or frosted glass balances seclusion with natural light.
  • Spotting/staining – Hard water mineral deposits and pollutants leave spots. To prevent buildup, clean regularly with vinegar or glass cleaner.
  • Breakage – Door damage can result from impacts, high winds, and temperature changes. Use tempered safety glass and robust frames for longevity.

Regular maintenance, including examining, adjusting, cleaning, and replacing components, will boost glass door performance and longevity. Ask questions if you need more information!

The Benefit of Door Repair

  • Investing in professional door repair pays dividends in the long run. 
  • Rather than replacing an entire door system, targeted repairs can restore functionality, extend usefulness, and preserve the original aesthetics. 
  • Skilled technicians have specialized expertise to accurately diagnose issues and return mechanisms, seals, glass, and hardware to factory specifications. 
  • Repairing early signs of damage prevents more expansive failures down the road.
  •  It also mitigates costs by avoiding total unit replacements. 
  • Continued operation of existing, quality doors also keeps additional materials out of landfills to benefit sustainability. 
  • Proper maintenance and timely repairs maximize doors’ return on investment by doubling or even tripling their usable lifespans. 
  • Whether restoring smooth operation to stuck doors, replacing damaged components, or giving them a cosmetic facelift, repair breathes new life into tired doors. 
  • Partnering with a professional service ensures repairs are done correctly the first time.
  •  In many cases, repairing a quality door costs less than replacing it.

In summary, professional door repair is the budget-friendly, eco-conscious solution for restoring full function and enduring value.

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Our Specialty Glass Door Service

  • At Siam Eng, we specialize in the expert installation, repair, and replacement of premium glass doors for residential and commercial settings. 
  • We understand that glass doors require precision craftsmanship and high-quality components to ensure optimal performance, protection, and aesthetics for your unique needs and space.
  • Our experienced technicians have extensive training in working with all significant glass door systems, including frameless, French, sliding, swinging, and bi-fold designs featuring clear, frosted, laminated, or patterned glass. 
  • We carry an unrivaled selection of top brands and customization options from style to hardware to meet your specific functionality, security, energy efficiency, glare reduction, and noise-dampening requirements. 
  • From inception to completion, we oversee your entire glass door project. 
  • Our consultative process explores your goals, space parameters, usage factors, and budget to recommend the ideal door solution. 
  • With meticulous attention to detail, we then handle door specification sourcing, customized fabrication based on exact measurements, professional installation without disrupting your home or workspace, and thorough clean-up.
  • Additionally, we offer 24/7 emergency repair services should any unpredictable glass door damage or mechanical issues arise post-installation. 
  • Protect your investment with preventative maintenance plans. 
  • Our team will systematically inspect for proper fit, seal integrity, Hardware stability, glass clarity, and other indicators of performance decline annually, biannually, or quarterly. 
  • We also provide glass replacement, deep cleaning, and adjustments as required over time.

Schedule your consultation with Handyman King today for unparalleled glass door service backed by actual craftsmanship care and quality assurance.

What Is The Cost Of A Glass Door Repair?

The cost of repairing a glass door depends on the extent of the damage and the type of repair required. Minor maintenance is inexpensive. However, more extensive repairs, such as replacing the entire glass panel, can be more costly. Getting a quote from a glass door repair service is essential before proceeding with any repairs.

Why Professional Door Repair Service

Why Choose Us For Glass Door Repair

When your glass door is damaged or needs service, trust the glass door repair experts at Handyman King to get it functioning again. We have specialized exclusively in glass door installation, replacement, and repair services for residential and commercial settings for over seven years. 

Our veteran technicians have seen every possible glass door issue and parts failure imaginable. This extensive first-hand experience and training enable them to rapidly diagnose problems and handle repairs proficiently in a single on-site visit. 

We carry a vast inventory of glass door hardware and components from top manufacturers so that we can solve most issues efficiently with fully compatible replacement parts restored to factory specifications. 

Best-in-class warranties back our work for total peace of mind. When glass door functionality, aesthetics, safety, and security are compromised, rely on our glass door repair mastery to make it right again. Call today to schedule service!

FAQs About Glass Door Repair

Carefully replace the cracked glass pane. Use a specialty glass adhesive to secure the new pane within the door’s frame. Allow proper cure time for maximum bond and durability.

The typical costs for replacing a glass panel in a door are $200-$400 for materials and labor. It depends on door size, glass type, customization needs, and technician fees.

Secure the area. Safely remove loose glass shards wearing protective gear. Thoroughly clean the frame. Hire a professional to take measurements and install a properly custom-fit replacement glass pane with specialty adhesives and materials. Inspect operation before regular use again.

The signs that indicate a glass door hinge needs repair include visible screw loosening or material failure, the door sagging when open or tilting out of alignment, difficulty in opening or shutting smoothly, fraying of the hinge mechanical components, squeaking sounds with use, and visible gaps between the door and frame

Repairing a sliding glass door requires realigning the door properly on the track, lubricating the wheels/rollers, checking the locking mechanism alignment, and ensuring a tight seal when closed. Replacing failed components like cracked glass, worn weatherstripping, or broken carrier assemblies. During some repairs, the door may need to be lifted off the track.